Justin Wynn Awards Ceremony

Justin Wynn Awards Ceremony

May 7, 2023

ETHS Upstairs Theater
10:30 am

Congratulations to the 2023 Justin Wynn Award recipients:

Bessie Rhodes:  Grace Rivera and Pedro Vazquez
Dawes:  Oluwadarasimi Odufuwa and Alexis Abeboye Shofolabo
Dewey:  Vidhya Kelly and Daniella Sariñana
King Arts:  Mya Brackenridge and Kylie Smith
Kingsley:  Jeremiah Duncan and Addy Howell
Lincoln:  Kinsley Bowman and Nate Vogel-Brown
Lincolnwood:  Colette Denzin and George MacKay
Oakton:  Skylar Moreno and Jordyn Woods
Orrington:  Colette Cox and Andrea Puggioni
Park:  Nathan Simpson
Walker:  Phoenix Clark and Reilly Pope
Washington:  Willow Steiger-Smith and Romero Velthuzien Varela
Willard:  Raziel Serpa and Penny Sharma

Photo credit: EPS - George Pfoertner